TrackerDie "Hubba" Hub Cover

Well damn! Dual disc dreams on a single disc budget never looked so looked so good..

If you're running single disc brakes with a dual flange front wheel I'm sure you are well aware of that awfully lonely mounting flange opposite your front brake rotor, which, if you're like us, is the absolute bane of your existence. Trust me, if you know, you know, am I right?! Well, it's time to fuckin celebrate my friend because your boys at TD have whipped up the perfect solution to soothe your's a cover...for your front like, cover that surface....! Machined from 6061 Aluminum and followed by a batch finishing process that results in a unique "matte" finish which pairs perfect with both mag and spoke wheels, let's just say you can thank us later :)


  • No ARP Hardware option means you will receive the hub cover only! No hardware is included.
  • Black ARP Hardware option includes (5) Black ARP 12pt bolts
  • Stainless ARP Hardware option includes (5) Stainless Steel ARP 12pt bolts

• 100% Made in the USA •

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