TrackerDie Billet Lightbar Mount for FXLRS Models

If you own a new FXLRS aka the Softail Lowrider S, congrats! They're a killer machine and quite honestly one of the best bikes the MoCo has pumped out in what feels like ages. Alas, even the best bikes have plenty of room for improvement! Take our Billet Light Bar Mount for example, something that has been so simple in the past is now near impossible! At first glance you'll notice that there are absolutely NO feasible mounting points on the underside of the lower triple tree to house that slick new light bar you're looking to install even though damn near every model in the past including the other Softail models can easily locate your additional lumens with little to no effort. I know what you're thinking, "Come on now, there's a perfectly good bolt in the center of the brake line junction just begging to become the recipient of my new LED's"....don't do that! The brake line has to pivot and unless you maintain that fluidity, let's just say you're going to end up with some actual fluid when one of the lines snaps off that bad boy. So, with this Mount we whipped up, you can drop the 5/16" bolts out of your headlight mount and replace them with the button heads we've provided and effortlessly install this bad boy in minutes. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, you're welcome!


  • CNC machined from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum
  • Designed to locate into the bosses of the lower triple tree and grip your new 6" Light Bar (sold separately) ever so firmly
  • Leaps and bounds stronger than the cheap mount included with these Light Bars virtually eliminating mount failures due to stress from todays more aggressive riding
  • Can be used with the stock headlight mount as well as our Billet Headlight Mount for FXLRS Models which can be found here!
  • Anodized black with a laser engraved logo on the rear to maintain a simple and clean look from virtually any angle
  • Appropriate length replacement hardware included

Need the 6" Light Bar to pair with your new mount? Click here to snag one!

IMPORTANT! We designed our new mount to work with the MoonsMC 6" Single Row Light Bar (sold separately) but similar lights from various other brands should mount up no problem as well. BUT (you already know, there's always a but) we cannot guarantee fitment to any other lights on the market currently. If you have any issues or are curious about compatibility with our mount, flip through these photos and find the dimension sheet for reference. Feel free to email me at with any/all questions that arise!

ALSO EQUALLY IMPORTANT! When mounting the Light Bar we STRONGLY recommend setting the adjustment to the front most portion of the adjustable slots yielding the most clearance to keep the Light Bar from contacting the front fender while running stock height front suspension. If you are running 2" extended tubes or something of the same persuasion lifting your front end, this will not be an issue.  TrackerDie will NOT be held responsible for incorrect mounting resulting in damage to the Light Bar and/or your front fender. 

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