TrackerDie Billet Headlight Mount for FXLRS Models

Looking to add an aftermarket headlight to your FXLRS? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the standard headlight bucket and lens/bulb design has been replaced by an LED unit with the mounting tabs incorporated into the headlight itself. "Why would they do something like that?" Well, that's the million dollar question I suppose. "So, what's this mean for me?" To put it simply, you aren’t changing that headlight out without installing an aftermarket bucket. "Oh cool, well that's easy enough!" Ah, not so fast my friend! In order to make things a little more interesting the MoCo decided to make the width of the stock headlight mount wider than anything on the market today. Fast forward to this little ditty we whipped up, our Billet Headlight Mount for FXLRS Models allows you to throw a traditional 5-3/4” bucket onto your ride as well as any aftermarket headlight you’d like! Hell, it even includes replacement hardware! "Damn TrackerDie, is there anything you guys haven't thought of?" Probably, but at least these mounts kick ass!


  • CNC Machined from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum
  • Designed to use a standard 5-3/4" Bucket from a Dyna, Sportster, etc which can be found here
  • Lowers the headlight 1/2" to clean up the look of the front end
  • Anodized black with a laser engraved logo on the rear to maintain a simple and clean look from virtually any angle
  • Replacement socket head hardware included
  • Will work alone or in conjunction with our TrackerDie Billet Light Bar Mount for FXLRS Models
  • Made in the USA
IMPORTANT! Our replacement Headlight Mount will NOT work with the stock fairing that comes factory on the 2020 FXLRS models. But hey just look at it this way, now you have an excuse to buy a fairing that actually looks good....ouch, I know, but sometimes it's best to just rip the band-aid off quick and get it over with. Howeverrrrrrr, If enough of you bug me about it I might add the ability for them to co-mingle once again, maybe. 


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