PBI Front Sprockets

Looking to piece together your own Chain Conversion kit or replace parts of your existing kit? PBI sprockets are some of the best in the business and what we trust for our infamous ULTRALIGHT Chain Conversion Kit. Any questions? Drop us a line and we will help to get you setup with what you need!

Product Details

  • CNC-machined from a premium nickel, chromoly steel (8620), case-hardened and finished with an electroless nickel plating for corrosion/wear resistance and lubricity
  • Sprockets are drilled and tapped to accommodate late-model lock plate
  • 5spd sprockets will also fit 86-93 Big Twin / XL models with use of updated spacer/seal
  • Offset measurement is taken from the face that rests against the mainshaft bearing to the inside of the teeth for "Total Offset" description
  • For use with .530 pitch chain
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • 5spd sprockets will fit all L93+ HD Models with a 5spd transmission. Offset will be dependent on model and kit/rear spacer sizing
  • 6spd sprockets will fit all 06+ Models with a 6spd transmission. Offset will be dependent on model and kit/rear spacer sizing

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