MoonsMC Moonpods V1 LED Turn Signals

Upgrade both your front blinkers and rear brake/blinker pods with our top quality, bright LED MoonPods™. These replace your halogen bulbs with bright, new technology LED lights!  The blinkers have a white running light with a amber center when you hit the blinker.  The white halo stays illuminated when you hit the blinker.

The rears have a red running light with a bright red blinker/brake light.

Front Blinkers: White/Amber - 1157 & 1156
Rear Blinkers: Red/Red - 1157 & 1156

Add our high powered load resistors if you are having hyper flash, or bulb out error codes.

Comes as a pair
Smoked Lenses Included
Latest LED Technology
Low Power Consumption
Safer and Brighter than Stock
Lifetime Warranty
Fitment: All Harley-Davison Models