TrackerDie Mini Mod Clevis for 04-20 Sportster Models

Now available for Forward Controls! Bring your feet in where they belong and get past the limited range of specific pegs as our Mini Mod Setup allows the use of Standard Male Mount HD Pegs!

Tired of that curb feeler on the right side of your bike? Whoever thought having your right foot out so far should be shot! Bring that fucker in to the correct location and experience how your foot controls were meant to feel!

  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Machined from Stainless Steel for supreme corrosion resistance
  • Fits all 04-20 XL models
  • Mid Control option will include 1 clevis for the brake side of the motorcycle
  • Forward Control option will include 2 clevis's, the shorter for the shifter side, longer for the brake side of the motorcycle 
  • Use of this Clevis setup on Forward Control Models also allows the use of standard pegs rather than pegs specific to forward control models!
  • Now includes new hardware!

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