Questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@trackerdie.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm Pst. I may or may not reply outside of those hours, so send that shit over!



1. When will my order ship?

- All orders generally ship within 2-3 business days, although some instances will occur that cause shipment to be delayed. If after 1 week you haven't received tracking information, please email us at shipping@trackerdie.com for an update. Include your order number, we aren't mind readers.

2. How long does shipping generally take?

- Orders are shipped via USPS priority, USPS ground or USPS First Class Mail. Priority runs a 1-3 day domestic ship time, ground runs 1-7 days and First Class runs 1-3 days. Most orders, even those with free shipping, ship priority. Tracking is sent via email to the email provided upon label creation.

3. It says the label was created, but nothing else. What the hell?

- Before yelling at us about your package, give they system at least 24hrs to populate tracking history. Don't blame us, blame USPS and their rudimentary systems.

4. My package says delivered, but is nowhere to be found?

- Unfortunately once your package leaves our warehouse, all claims of damaged goods and missing packages will be handled via USPS and are not the responsibility of TRACKERDIE. Rarely do we have issues with USPS, but occasionally some dipshit messes up. Let us know if there are any issues.

5. My package arrived, but the contents are wrong/missing. 

- If you have received your package, and it doesnt appear as though the abominable snowman has ripped the box to shreds, email Kate at shipping@trackerdie.com and she will get you straightened out. Be nice to her, she's the best, but even the best make mistakes.

6. What is your policy on returns?

- Click here for our return policy information.

7. Do you guys offer sponsorships? I have like 300 instagram followers, bro.

- No. Don't ask.

8. Do you guys do installs?

- Yes. Email info@trackerdie.com for pricing and availability.

9. Aside from purchasing, how can we support the brand?

- Tell all your fucking friends how awesome we are. Leave a product review. Ask your mom/significant other for new gear. Do something awesome and send it to us. Support ain't all about money y'all!

10. How do we stay up to date with TRACKERDIE?

- You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well as sign up for our newsletter (which we promise to start using more). Oh yeah, and we have a YouTube, subscribe to that shit too!

11. But what if I'm a dickhead?

- TRACKERDIE reserves the right to cancel and refund an order at any time, at our discretion. Being nice goes a long way, so please, don't be that guy.

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