HardCase Performance Bolt Lock-R

The Hard Case Bolt Lock-R assembly is designed to keep sprocket/pulley bolts from loosening or backing out thus causing costly damage to your rear wheel and swingarm. The design is simple, just bolt the base plate of the Bolt Lock-R to your rear sprocket/pulley, torque to spec then add the Bolt Lock-R key to the head of the bolt to essentially "lock" that bad boy in place. The HardCase Bolt Lock-R is a direct bolt on and does not require any additional modifications to your final drive or rear hub. Rear Grade 8 sprocket/pulley bolts are not included and will need to be purchased separately as it is not recommended to reuse bolts due to the possibility of failure. 

Please note, while this product is designed to keep your bolts from backing out, nothing can take the place of regular maintenance and inspection. Always make sure to inspect and torque your pulley bolts to OEM specifications on a regular basis, even when using this product. 

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