#PROJECTPURPZ 1982 Harley-Davidson FXR

#PROJECTPURPZ 1982 Harley-Davidson FXR


  • Frame: OEM Frame Modified for Twin Cam Engine
  • Swingarm: OEM
  • Tins: OEM w/ NOS Sport Front Fender
  • Paint: Paint By Bondo
  • Windshield/Fairing: Memphis Shades Rio Grande Smoked
  • Seat: Saddlemen Step Up
  • Sissy Bar: Kuryakyn
  • Bags: LeatherPros
  • Wheels: NOS Thunderstars
  • Motor Mounts: Alloy Art


  • Fork Springs: Race Tech .95kg
  • Emulators: Race Tech Gold Valves
  • Dampers: TrackerDie 39mm Kit @ 11.5"
  • Trees: Speed Merchant Speed Trees
  • Fork Tubes: Diamond Lane
  • Shocks: RWD RS-1 14" for FXR


  • Size: 117" Twin Cam
  • Heads: Screamin Eagle
  • Carburetor/Fuel Injection: Lectron HD 400
  • Intake: S&S Cycle Carbon Fiber Mini Teardrop
  • Cams: 585 S&S EZ Start
  • Camchest: S&S Camplate and Oil Pump w/ S&S Lifters
  • Exhaust: TBR Gen 1 for FXR


  • Transmission: OEM 2007 Touring Trans
  • Clutch: 2017+ Touring Hydro Master w/ Boosted Brad Hydro Clutch cover, Rivera Primo Brute Clutch w/ stock basket
  • Primary: OEM


    • Rotors: Lyndall Crown Cut
    • Calipers: 2008+ Dyna Front, OEM Rear
    • Front Master: 2017+ Touring
    • Rear Master: OEM


    • Headlight: MoonsMC Drop in LED Bulb
    • Taillight: MoonsMC Smoked Laydown V1
    • Blinkers: None


    • Bars: TrackerDie FT High Bend
    • Risers: Drag Specialties 9.5" Pullback
    • Riser Bushings: Alloy Art GoodenTite
    • Grips: Biltwell Thruster
    • Levers: Custom Shortened OEM Levers
    • Mirrors: RWD Round Mirrors
    • Throttle setup: Biltwell Whiskey Throttle modified to fit G2 Throttle Tube
    • Footpegs: Flo V3 BMX Front
    • Brake arm: OEM
    • Shifter: OEM
    • Linkage: Alloy Art

    If I missed anything that you are curious about or if you have any questions, drop a comment!

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    July 23, 2020

    Do you have a tank lift on that bike? Do you run tank lifts on any of your bikes?

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